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Parish Organizations

Holy Cross Parish Organizations

Altar Society

A society in the parish who alternate to take care of the flowers and appearance of the sanctuary and altar. This ministry enhances and beautifies our worship space and environment.

Guadalupe Society

The goal of this Society is to:

  1. Promote a Christian life to all its members;
  2. Promote love and devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and religious traditions;
  3. Cooperate and participate in the activities of Holy Cross Parish.
Ladies Guild

No church is ever complete without the Tender Loving Care of its mothers and sisters. These ladies make up what is known as the Ladies Guild. The members meet once a month. Their activities range from the Spiritual to the Colorful, and everything in between. On the social scene, the annual fashion show leads the calendar of events. In addition, the Ladies are often called upon, and they graciously accept, to help prepare meals during certain church activities.

Associazione Scalabrini

In 2007 the Scalabrini Association was established. The aims of the Association are to assist the pastor of the church of the Holy Cross of San Jose, California, in spiritual and financial enterprises for the welfare of the parish and to preserve and promote the Italian tradition and Catholic values.

The Association is promoted by Italian Catholics, it is apolitical and non-profit. The work within the Association by all its members is solely and exclusively by way of voluntary work.

The Association has its own statute and has four offices: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Together with the parish priest, the four offices make up the board of directors which meets regularly to deliberate on spiritual and aggregation activities.

The official language is Italian and the annual membership fee is $ 10, payable in January.

In May 2007 the Association had 82 members, which are constantly growing. During 2009 the Association organized the Italian Carnival, the May picnic, the mid-August lunch in Santa Cruz (particularly appreciated by children), a stand for the annual parish festival (Kermesse), “Polenta and Salciccia “and numerous Sunday meetings. The long-term goal is to become a reference point for Catholicism and Catholic values ​​in the San Jose area.

Registration for the Association is always open and new members are always welcome to increase the strength and enthusiasm for the activities.


The name of the organization is ASSOCIAZIONE BEATO SCALABRINI


The aims of the Association are:

  1. Assist the parish priest of the Church of the Holy Cross in spiritual and financial enterprises for the well-being of the parish
  2. Preserve and promote the Italian tradition and Catholic values


This Constitution and the Statute can be modified at any regular meeting by vote and approval of two thirds of the voters, as long as the amendment is approved by the Parish Priest


The Association is promoted by Italian Catholics, it is apolitical and non-profit. The work within the Association by all its members is solely and exclusively A VOLUNTARY TITLE


  1. The offices of the Association are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.
  2. The Board of Directors is composed of the four previous positions, the previous President and the Parish Priest, ex officio.


The charges have a duration of two years, extendable to three years at the discretion of the parish priest


  1. The ordinary assembly of the Association will be held (monthly) on a date and time decided by the Members
  2. The meetings of the Steering Committee will be called by the President or Parish Priest and at least once a year
  3. Italian is the official language of the Assemblies.


  1. The membership fee is currently $ 10.00 per year, payable in January and will be updated annually, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, during the November meeting.
  2. All members have the right to participate in the association’s life, upon payment of the annual fee.

Article 5

Election of the Board of Directors

  1. The President in office appoints an elective committee during the May Assembly
  2. The Elective Committee meets with the parish priest to select 2 candidates for each office of the Executive Council to be submitted to the next Assembly of members.
  3. All candidates will be notified in advance
  4. Further applications will also be accepted
  5. The vote will take place by secret ballot
  6. The newly elected Board of Directors will take office after the next Assembly.


  • The President chairs the ordinary and extraordinary meetings
  • Appoints the heads of any committees

Vice president

  • The Vice-President takes the place of the President in case of absence of these.
  • In the event that the President is no longer able to perform his duties, the Vice-President replaces him until the end of the following year


The Secretary draws up the minutes of the ordinary and extraordinary Assemblies, compiles the list of members and takes care of the correspondence of the Association.


The Treasurer presides over the administrative and accounting management of the Association. It deals with membership fees and expense receipts.

Payment over the amount of $ 250.00 must be approved by the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer draws up an annual economic return to be presented to the Shareholders’ Meeting and to the Parish Priest

Article 7

The Association, only in agreement with the parish priest, can decide how to use the cash surplus which can be donated to charity or can be used for parish works.

All the assets and materials of the Association are to be considered for all purposes assets of the Parish, but on loan to the Association.

In case of dissolution of the Association, all the property is in all respects good for the Parish. Nothing is due to the members of the Association (except for any property with proven ownership of the individual members).

Choir of The Church Member

Chorus Director: Carlo Vertemara
Organist: Nina Tranchina

Vincenza Sacci

Caterina Ventimiglia

Susanna Filippone

Marisa Corrado

Marisa Scotuzzi

Nina Tranchina

Mario Ventimiglia

Michele Filippone

Franco Corrado

Orlando Scotuzzi

Patrizia Vertemara

Enrico Valeri