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A society in the parish who alternate to take care of the flowers and appearance of the sanctuary and altar. This ministry enhances and beautifies our worship space and environment.

The goal of this Society is to: 1) Promote a Christian life to all its members; 2) Promote love and devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and religious traditions; 3) Cooperate and participate in the activities of Holy Cross Parish.

No church is ever complete without the Tender Loving Care of its mothers and sisters. These ladies make up what is known as the Ladies Guild. The members meet once a month. Their activities range from the Spiritual to the Colorful, and everything in between. On the social scene, the annual fashion show leads the calendar of events. In addition, the Ladies are often called upon, and they graciously accept, to help prepare meals during certain church activities.


The purpose of this association is to assist the pastor in the spiritual and financial ventures for the welfare of the parish and to preserve and promote the Italian tradition and Catholic values. Entries to the association are always open and new members are welcome to increase the strength and enthusiasm in the activities.