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“Catechesis is an esteemed term in Christian tradition. Its purpose is to make a person’s faith become living, conscious and active, through the light of instruction.”
National Catechetical Directory, 32,33

We, the community of people of Holy Cross Parish, are rich in diversity and traditions. We strive to live the message of Jesus Christ. We are a People of God who are called by the Father, gifted by the Son and inspired by the presence of the Sprit among us. Through the Holy Spirit, we celebrate our beliefs, teach the Word of God, share in friendship and minister to the needs of all God’s People.

We bind ourselves in praise to God through liturgy, public and private prayer. The spiritual community of Holy Cross grows by using time, talent and treasure of all our members to develop liturgy, music, prayer and hospitality.

Parents are the first and foremost catechists of their children. They catechize informally but powerfully by example and instruction.

The community of Holy Cross Parish believe that all of life is a learning experience. Our faith is a very important part of this learning experience.

Therefore, it is the goal of Holy Cross Religious Education (CCD) to provide religious formation which is consistent with the basic traditions and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church as reflected in Vatican II and with the National Catechetical Directory; to provide the opportunity to experience the rich sacramental life of the Church which can nourish and sustain our lives; and to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Catechetical staff willingly share this responsibility with Holy Cross Parish community as agents of Jesus Christ to help bring forth His message. By teaching and example, we will endeavor to build a foundation for re-electing, speaking and relating so the Word becomes present. Involvement by as many members of the parish community as possible is part of this dynamic process.

We look forward to growing in a new awareness as we explore the Holy Scriptures, religious traditions, and share personal experiences in the ongoing adventure of learning. We strive to promote an atmosphere of acceptance, trust and respect for individual values and opinions.



Children attending public schools should be enrolled in religious education classes. Families would first register in the CCD Office. At the time of registration for any new student, a copy of the student’s Baptismal Certificate must be submitted.

For formal recognition as parishioners of Holy Cross Church, new families are to register in the rectory office. It is essential that parents and students both use Sunday envelopes as members of Holy Cross Parish.


Parents are encouraged to support our Religious Education Program by participating with their families at the parish Eucharist every Sunday.

In the event of an absence a written note form parent/guardian must be presented to the catechist upon return of the absentee.

If a students misses 4 classes, a conference with parents will be scheduled to discuss the future of the child.

Our Religious Education Program requires that each student attend religious formation during all 8 years. The practice of enrolling students only during the years that a sacrament will be received is far from adequate and is strongly discouraged. Parents please remember, that religious education does not end after First Communion.

“Faith grows and matures. Such faith is a grace, a gift of God. Growth in faith is intimately related to one’s response to this gift.” National Catechetical Directory, 32,33